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Dec. 10, 2007by: Seth Gecko

Like I said before in an earlier post, it's unbelievable how we've come to a point where we're actually giving honours to all those out there who participate in the creation or development of gaming. I love the idea of honouring those responsible because the gaming industry is a difficult one at that because as each new generation arrives, they have to raise the bar so that the next new game will blow us out of our socks.

Once you know that, you'll also be happy to hear that a bunch of beautiful hotties always show up for these ceremonies as well and the 2007 "Spike TV Video Game Awards" was no exception as it took place over the weekend. Not many showed up but those who did looked so friggin' hot that I'm surprised that the red carpet wasn't on fire. I'd have to honestly say that the two hottest ladies who came were Tia Carrere and Kristen Bell. Tia just looks so amazing and she needs to get back into the movies soon. Kristen came as she was being honoured with the "Hottest Newcomer" award for her role in the "Assassins Creed" game (which is awesome by the way). Overall, they all looked so goddamn hot so check them all out below.

The photos are in the following order: Tia Carrere, Kristen Bell, Heidi Montag and Vida Guerra. Enjoy!

Click on each photo to enlarge!

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