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Spirit Trailer Caps

Jul. 16, 2008by: Seth Gecko

As many of you know already, a brand-new trailer for Frank Miller's upcoming graphic-novel adaption, "The Spirit" was released a day or so ago and most of us were pretty damn...ummmm...confused. It has got to be flat out one of the strangest trailers I've ever seen and it explains absolutely nothing about the story for those who don't know it already. To be honest, it doesn't seem like Will Eisner's vision was maintained as much as we'd hoped but then again, look how "Wanted" turned out and it was far from the source material. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

However, those shortcomings didn't stop the trailer from being filled with beautiful visuals and extremely hot women. The entire trailer is practically dedicated to the stunning hotties that the lone hero gets to bang which is no problem in my book. You get Eva Mendes whipping a towel off her perfect naked body, Jaime King in a drug-induced fantasy and Scarlett Johansson in sexy glasses and a tight shirt...what more could you want? As per tradition, I've taken the recent HD version of the trailer and grabbed some screen caps for all of you to enjoy below. So check em' out and watch for "The Spirit" when it hits theatres on Christmas 2008.

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1:19PM on 07/16/2008
Okay crazy-ass looking movie AND hot women, I'm there
Okay crazy-ass looking movie AND hot women, I'm there
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