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Stare at Andrea Calle's ass and it stares right back at you

Jul. 22, 2014by: Droz

Latin hottie Andrea Calle is doing what she does best in Miami right now. This is a body with no better purpose on Earth than being shown off on a beach in sexy bikinis, except maybe for riding my jock. Andrea was a sly one with her animal number here. She's well aware of where eyes are on her as she walks by. Perhaps this is her way of letting the gawkers know that she's keeping an eye on them, even as they eye her. That is a strange bikini, what with the giraffes on her tits and the zebra on her crotch. Not sure what's up with the zoological theme there, but being a functional male means my attention is understandably dominated by the sight of her glorious proportions. You got to love the Latina hotties, especially those from Colombia. There's never any question about them getting their ample booty honestly. Ain't no implants in there. That's natural cushioning. I'd like to push it.

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Source: Icelev


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10:25PM on 07/23/2014
I would bury my face between those buns.
I would bury my face between those buns.
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