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Summer Glau gives a glimmer of hope to BrownCoats at Comic-Con

Jul. 16, 2012by: Droz

Every few years Joss Whedon or one of the cast members of Firefly will do something or say something about the show that makes all us Browncoats feel super frustrated and pissed off that there will most likely never be anything Firefly ever again. Now that we've arrived at the 10 year anniversary of the abrupt cancelling of the Fox show, it was a foregone conclusion that they would do something bigger and gather together again before the ultimate collection of geeks and fanboys amassed at this year's Comic-Con. Unfortunately Summer Glau was the only female cast member who showed up for this reunion, which isn't surprising since she's the only one who didn't have anything else to do that day. I love Firefly just about as much as anyone, but I have to say that these kinds of things really don't do anyone any good. While all the cast members still look great and could probably still do the show, most of the cast and crew have moved on to other things, most importantly Whedon, who will no doubt be far too busy to even reminisce about past projects now that his AVENGERS has become the biggest thing that ever was. So, unless something unprecedented happens real soon, I'd say it's time to stop stirring the waters and just let that stunted franchise be.

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