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"Sundance 2008" #1

Jan. 21, 2008by: Seth Gecko

It looks like we have a busy week ahead of us as we bring you the latest hottie coverage from the "Sundance Film Festival 2008". The ladies may be wearing winter coats but their tight blue jeans and gorgeous smiles are all we need. This has always been a huge event each year and it just keeps getting bigger as smaller independent films become more popular. We're very excited to have the opportunity to bring all the latest photos and news of your favourite female celebrities and we'll have several posts throughout our coverage so stay tuned!

To start off with a huge bang, we bring you exclusive photos of a hottie that should definitely be in the spotlight more often. The beautiful Eliza Dushku was at the festival during the weekend to promote and attend the premiere of her new drama film called "Bottle Shock". In the film, she stars alongside some pretty big names including Alan "The Man" Rickman, Bill Pullman, Freddy Rodriguez and many others but still manages to be the brightest light of the bunch. Eliza plays a smokin' hot bartender in the story which revolves around a Napa Valley winery in the 70's which became quite famous with it's product.

While she was at the festival, she attended a bunch of events and gatherings for the press so there are a ton of photos that we taken of her during the entire time she was there. We've received some amazing shots of her so make sure you check them all out below and stay tuned for update #2 very shortly!

The events featuring Eliza are in the following order below: "Bottle Shock" Premiere, Entertainment Weekly Party, Portraits, Press Conference and various others.

Click on each photo to enlarge!

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