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Super hottie Ariana Grande graces the pages of Teen Vogue

Dec. 26, 2013by: ResidentRiddle64

Here we can see Ariana Grande posing for February 2014's Teen Vogue as well as some behind the scenes schtuff. When I first stumbled upon Grande, she definitely suffered from super young face, but as time has gone by, I've gotten used to it as I can see the signs of maturity finally starting to show. Now, Ariana is young. Not gross young, but pretty damn young, which is a good thing. Like Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens before her, we're just gonna see her grow into ridiculous hotness over these next few years. Just you watch. I think she's absolutely beautiful right now, but once she starts hitting that 22 - 24 age margin, all bets are off and sexy photoshoots and premiere photos are gonna make a lot of people very happy, including myself. For the time being, we'll just enjoy that gorgeous, Jessica Alba-lookin' mug of hers.

Click on each photo to enlarge!

Source: Celeb Mafia


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6:19PM on 12/26/2013
Meh. Kinda like Selena Gomez 2.0. Too young looking to find attractive.
Meh. Kinda like Selena Gomez 2.0. Too young looking to find attractive.
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