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Superbowl Hotties #1

Feb. 4, 2008by: Seth Gecko

As everybody knows at this point the great Giants took the big yesterday and ended the loosing streak of New England in a sweet victory. It was an awesome game but it did slow down quite a bit by the end. Even though the game may have been a little slow, the celebrity hotties who attended were certainly speeding things up a bit. We're going to be making a few posts today featuring several gorgeous hotties who attended the "Superbowl XLII" and believe me, there are plenty. So stay tuned for the latest developments as they pop up and enjoy your first taste of what's to come below.

Have you ever dreamed of seeing Carmen Electra, Catherine Bell and Roselyn Sanchez in the same photo at the same time while wearing sexy tight dresses? Well gents, dreams truly do come true if that's the case since these three gorgeous and highly-underrated hotties were present for the "Snow Queen Vodka's Leather & Laces" Superbowl 2008 party (Is that a mouthful or what?). The trio of hotties looked amazing for the party and they will most certainly give you naughty thoughts for sure.

So enjoy the awesome photos of the three ladies below and make sure you stay tuned for our next few updates over the course of the day. The photos are flooding in by the minute so we'll have everything up for all of you very soon.

The hottie photos below are in the following order: Group Shots, Carmen Electra, Catherine Bell and Roselyn Sanchez.

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