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Sylvie van der Vaart brings us an early X-mas present

3 years agoby: Salacious Crumb

... and it's her. One thing I find cool about Sylvie van der Vaart (besides her awesome name) is she's from the Netherlands. No, not "Never Neverland", although Sylvie would make one smokin' hot Tinker Bell. I mean The Netherlands, the one place on earth you can go window-shopping for hookers, smoke your wacky tobacky, wear wooden shoes and visit Ann Frank's house all in one day. I'm always impressed by the women who launched successful careers from such a place, since it'd be so much easier to earn cash in the Red Light District by joining a sex show. Not to mention how ridiculously good-looking some Dutch women are, such as Sylvie, who make you say "Amster-damn!" (too moronic?). Anyway, it's nice of her to spread cheer, as well as the message of her hotness around the world. She's gained fame in Germany as a television personality. Most recently, she's been a judge in the German version of the "Got Talent" concept, "Das Supertalent". She's been married to footballer Rafael van der Vaart since 2005. I think that's more than enough info on Sylvie for you to enjoy these images...

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9:23PM on 12/06/2012
It's my dick in a box!
It's my dick in a box!
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