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Taylor Swift dodges questions about dating a Kennedy in Glamour magazine

3 years agoby: Cherry Liquor
Taylor Swift is a really cute girl who writes really cute music that is annoyingly catchy. I think she's a doll and considering that she clocks in at 5'11", she could easily qualify to be a model on a more regular basis. But her squeaky clean image is something I'd like to see a little more tarnished. Even when interviewed by Glamour magazine as to whether the rumours of her dating Conor Kennedy, Ethel Kennedy's grandson, came up, the blonde demurred that she prefers not to talk about her personal life. I start adding together all of the dudes that the rumour mill has cooked up that she supposedly banged and they all seem similar. A Jonas brother (probably gay), John Mayer (a douchebag who dissed her because she wouldn't get horizontal with him), Jake Gyllenhaal (always rumoured to be gay), and Taylor Lautner (obviously gay and probably has gotten more action with a Jonas brother than Swift ever did). If she wants to date a dude from a political family, well... there's never any skeletons in those closets, right?

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Source: Gossip Girls
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