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Taylor's Twatty 4th

Jul. 7, 2010by: Cherry Liquor
So I nabbed some of the pictures that Taylor Swift posted to her Twitter account, some from the 4th of July weekend (since, as a country music star, she has to come off as all patriotic and shit, with the red, white & blue attire and the corn on a cob eating mentality... not understanding that it's just as American to sit around pouring your Jack straight into the can of Coke that you're drinking). Some are from further back in time, including when she last hosted one of her autograph signing sessions for fans. I guess she's one of the longest record holders for sitting and signing stuff for fans (the only person to beat her is - of course - country music star Garth Brooks), the day she decided to go for 13 hours in honor of her character from VALENTINE'S DAY but stayed for 14 1/2 hours instead. I gotta hand it to her, I honestly didn't think that she would be that cool about hanging out with her fans, but I suppose if you only do it as an event every so often and then brush people off when the cameras aren't trained on you, you can get away with it.

Click on each photo to enlarge!

Extra Tidbit: Her friend is Elizabeth Huett and I think she's super cute.
Source: Twitter
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