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Thandie Newton has a fantastic set of legs on her

Jun. 12, 2013by: Droz
I'm generally favorable toward Thandie Newton as a person. She's cute, she's got a nice body, she's English. I don't think there's anything particularly controversial or unsavory about her. Yet for some strange reason I can't stand her in anything. I don't know why that is, but her performances always seem to bother me. For instance, her role in THE CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK is one of the few things about that movie I dislike. I hate all her scenes. Unlike many, I didn't have much of an issue with the Necromongers in that movie, except for Thandie's character. Same reaction from her in CRASH and ROCKNROLLA and W. Just couldn't get into her performances at all. Apparently she's got an acting style that doesn't sit well with me on some kind of subconscious level. Pity I don't have DirecTV, which is where her show Rogue airs. Thandie gets naked in that one. I'm thinking a nude Thandie might resolve some of my issues. I hope it comes to Netflix soon. Thandie and I need to make up.

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10:23PM on 06/12/2013
She's a pretty actress but she's been in some mediocre movies (2012, W).
She's a pretty actress but she's been in some mediocre movies (2012, W).
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