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Thank heavens Sofia Vergara isn't actually pregnant

3 years agoby: Salacious Crumb

I must admit, when I first eavesdropped on the word of mouth that Sofia Vergara's character (Gloria) on "Modern Family" was getting knocked up, I started to freak out a little. Do the studio execs know something we don't know? Were they prepping the character to match her real-life pregnancy that just wasn't showing yet? Well, luckily enough time has passed to be able to tell, Sofia's infant-free (unless you consider her 20-year-old son an infant). That's another thing that strikes me. Did you realize Vergara is just one fertile, sad young girl's mistake away from becoming a grandma? That's some crazy shit. Sofia's one of those women who, when I've finally garnered up the energy/courage to go out to the mall or downtown, reminds me why it's not such a bad idea to get out more. One of those ladies you feel lucky just for having the chance to walk past. When you're as shapely as she is, you don't need to flaunt yourself in a colorful, revealing outfit in order to turn heads (although it certainly helps). I feel like these images of Sofia out in the wild will say it best. Sure beats looking at her disturbing, rubber Honey Boo Boo stomach.

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