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The girls of Twitter are feeling frisky

3 years agoby: Cherry Liquor
I love Twitter these days. Not only do I have some of the funniest people in my feed (I prefer to follow comedians who give me laughs on a daily basis for $Free.99!), the site is also the place that the hotties of the entertainment world give us candid peeks into what they'd be like if they were your average girl posting pics of themselves on MySpace in 2006. Ashley Tisdale has been one of the more prolific posters recently, her shirt in these begging you to sleep in with her. Rihanna has been doing some good Twitpic duty by showing us gritty images of herself with no top on holding what looks like a butt plug from the My Little Pony collection. And Vanessa Hudgens and her SPRING BREAKERS co-star Ashley Benson aren't leaving all the cozy set shots to the paps staking it out. They're generously giving us an intimate view of what it looks like when the two of them cuddle up inside of their trailer. If you'd all stop paying attention to the Kony/IC debacle going on in your Facebook feed and head over to Twitter, you'll find yourself with something other than your frustration level rising.

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Source: Twitter


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7:45PM on 03/10/2012
K-Beck, but it's a difficult choice. Brie, Wilde and Stone are all deserving.
K-Beck, but it's a difficult choice. Brie, Wilde and Stone are all deserving.
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