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The Hottie Stop interviews Abbie Cornish, star of Robocop

06.02.2014by: Eric Walkuski

Abbie Cornish is the beautiful Australian actress best known for her turns battling dragons in SUCKER PUNCH and putting up with Colin Farrellís crap in SEVEN PSYCHOPATHS. Earlier this year, she appeared alongside Joel Kinnaman and Gary Oldman in ROBOCOP, playing the wife of half-man, half-machine Alex Murphy. With the Blu-ray release of the action thriller looming, Abbie took some time to hang with The Hottie Stop!

In the interview below, Abbie and I talk about her role in the film, her yearning for a ďlighterĒ role, wanting to work back in her native homeland and her upcoming hip-hop album. Thatís right: her hip-hop album!

Thanks for taking the time out to chat, Iím sure youíve been talking to nerds all day.

It hasnít been too bad. Youíre lucky number six.

Youíve been talking about this movie for a year now, since around Comic-Con.

Yeah, they asked me if I wanted to do two hours of ROBOCOP interviews today and I was like, ďOkay, sure!

Was last year your first Comic-Con?

It was my first one. It wasnít too bad, I was in and out on that day. Iíve heard it gets much crazier. I really enjoyed it. Itís almost like a festival.

I read that you were a big fan of ROBOCOP when you were younger, is that what attracted you to the remake?

Yeah, I think one reason I wanted to do it was because it was nostalgic for me. I did grow up watching the movie. And then they announced Jose Padilha was directing it, and I thought he was the right person for it. Also it was a reinvention of the character, I think that sheís an important part of the story.

But since you were a fan of the original, were you at all dubious about the prospect of a remake?

The reason why I wasnít was because of the director. I knew that the questioning of the remake goes away when youíve got the right director.

As an actor do you have to put yourself in the mindset of the character, even when itís something sort of far-fetched like, ďMy husband is now part-android.Ē

(Laughs) Itís interesting how far you can take it when itís something a little more absurd or surreal. I think imagination is in all of us, itís just there, we have it our whole lives. And as actors we get to play with that part of ourselves, and itís fun.

With the exception of this and SUCKER PUNCH, you havenít really done too many action or fantasy type films. Are those genres youíve always enjoyed and want to do more of?

Oh, definitely. I love action in the movies and I really want to do a bit more of it. The film I have coming out at the end of the year, SOLACE, has some action in it, and I got to play a special agent for the FBI. I really want to do all different types of films, with directors who are respected and admired. Just keep growing and pushing myself as an actor. Right now I feel like a totally different actor that I was three years ago. Even this year feels different than what I did last year, I want to explore life and art constantly and I think that keeps me going in terms of being an actor, because I donít know whatís going to come next, I donít know what Iím going to be in next.

Is there a type of film that you havenít been in yet but are eager to try out?

Comedy. I want to go to work and laugh. I mean, I do have a lot of fun - ROBOCOP was a lot of fun, in between takes we were constantly joking and laughing. It was very light and easy. But I want to be that on screen, I want to hear ďAction!Ē and be light and funny and play in a different way than when you have a dramatic role.

Youíve worked with so many great actors, is it possible to single out who the coolest was?

Iíll single out two: Heath Ledger and Gary Oldman.

You were working a lot in Australia before you came to the states, was there an adjustment period for you after you arrived here?

Yeah, I think so. I first moved to Los Angeles not for work, but for love. I really fell in love with this city, this is my home. It will always be home when I go back to my dadís farm.†

Just recently I spoke to an Australian actress named Caitlin Stasey and she made it clear she had no intention of going back to Australia to work. How about you?

I really do want to go back and work in Australia. They only make a certain amount of films each year, and in order to really have a film career there, you have to be an international actor. But I am so proud of the Australian films Iíve made; two of my favorite films that Iíve made were Australian. I have incredible connections there and Iíve been waiting for a film to come up so I can go back there for a long time. It just hasnít been the right film or the right character, you know? Hopefully itís not too far away.

Youíre working on a rap album, which Iím sure is surprising to a lot of people. How much time do you devote to that career, and when can we expect the album to drop?

So the album is done, itís finished. Iím currently setting up a record deal, and weíre looking to release the album at the very end of this year or the start of next year. It all depends on when is the right time, and also just scheduling. I canít wait to release it, itís Australian hip-hop. I grew up listening to Australian hip-hop, Iíve rapped since I was a teenager and I was also in a band. So itís a part of my life. I chose an acting career because it kind of took off, the train left the station and I boarded that train, but Iíve wanted to make a solo album for years, and now Iím so happy I have because I wanted to honor the Australian hip-hop scene.

Sounds really cool. Are you going on tour with it?

Yeah, Iíll release it first in Australia because I think thatís where it belongs, then weíll see what happens.

I can't wait to hear it! Thank you so much for your time and good luck with everything.

Thanks, Eric. This was a good one!

You can check out Abbie on Twitter right HERE. ROBOCOP hits Blu-ray on June 3rd; order it right HERE.

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8:50PM on 06/02/2014
Fine Aussie babe. Don't think she's a great actress though; she and Joel Kinnaman had like zero chemistry in RoboCop.
Fine Aussie babe. Don't think she's a great actress though; she and Joel Kinnaman had like zero chemistry in RoboCop.
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4:50PM on 06/02/2014

in the words of mcaughey......

alright, alright, alright........
alright, alright, alright........
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3:40PM on 06/02/2014
Beautiful and very talented. Shame she was wasted in Robocop.
Beautiful and very talented. Shame she was wasted in Robocop.
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