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The Hottie Stop interviews Natalie Martinez from End of Watch!

Jan. 18, 2013by: Eric Walkuski

Welcome to our inaugural "The Hottie Stop" column in which we interview some of the hottest actresses in Hollywood today, discussing not only their latest projects, but also a little bit about themselves... personally!

Natalie Martinez first entered the limelight a few years ago when she became the face of Jennifer Lopez's fashion line, JLO. (She reportedly beat out over 6,000 girls.) Then, after stints on two U.S. telenovelas, "Saints and Sinners" and "Fashion House," she broke onto the movie scene with a sexy role opposite Jason Statham in DEATH RACE. Since then, she's appeared in the shows "Detroit 1-8-7" and "CSI: New York," and is having a comfortable run on the big screen with films like THE BAYTOWN OUTLAWS, the upcoming BROKEN CITY and END OF WATCH.

I recently had a phone chat with Natalie about her roles in END OF WATCH (available on Blu-ray combo pack with Ultraviolet, DVD and Digital Copy January 22nd) and BROKEN CITY, as well as who her celebrity crush is (the answer may surprise you), whether she's a movie geek or not, and who would win in a battle of her onscreen boyfriends, Mark Wahlberg or Michael Pena.

Tell us about your role in End of Watch...

I play the wife of Michael Pena, who is a police officer. I think the women in this movie give Michael and Jake Gyllenhaal a sense of home, you know? They know them a little bit more, they ground them a little bit more. So I play his wife, his high school sweetheart, and she has to go through the things that you go through and you're married to a cop.

What kind of research went into playing a policeman's wife?

I put myself in that position, what would I do if every day my husband left, I didn't know if he was coming home. And I've played cops before, so I know what goes on, I know how they interact.

How is Michael Pena as a husband? Did you two get in some quality bickering during your time on set?

No no, we actually got along great. We spent a lot of time together trying to create this bond between us. Just sitting and talking about relationships and getting to know each other so that when we were on set, because of the way it was shot, we constantly had to be in character, because the cameras were always recording. So we already had this demeanor about us that we knew each other.

Can you describe what the atmosphere is like on set, because obviously the final product is so sort of chaotic, is that what the set is like?

Oh my god - I wasn't there for a lot of the guys' scenes, but for our scenes it was so much fun, because we all enjoyed working with each other and spent time making sure the characters were real, so we just had a blast on set, and I think you see that when we're together.

You started off on the telenovela programs "Fashion House" and "Saints & Sinners". Do you miss doing television or are you having too much fun doing film?

Well I actually do both, I'm on "CSI: New York" right now, so I kind of have my hands in both pots.

I noticed you've been featured in a lot of music videos (Justin Timberlake, Sean Paul, Pitbull). If you could choose an artist with whom to work with next, who would that be?

For me, they're all my friends. I've only ever done it as a favor or for fun, we just spend the whole day together dancing and laughing.

Are you a movie geek?

You know what, no. I do like watching movies, but I spend so much time outside, I hardly get to see any movies in the theater. I have such odd hours and do so much traveling, by the time I get home, I'm so tired. I try to work out or try to catch up with friends, so I'm more of a going-out person instead of sitting there watching a movie.

I gotcha. What were some of your favorite movies from 2012?

Actually the last one I saw was Killing Them Softly. I thought that movie was really really cool. But I watch a lot of movies on Netflix; Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, I've seen that I dunno how many times. That's my go-to movie.

There are several members of the team that have "crushes" on you, including JoBlo himself. Do you have any celebrity crushes?

You know, I don't know if I have a crush per se. I like Paul Newman, the old school cats. (Laughs) Nowadays, I don't know, to tell you the truth.

Did you say Paul Newman?

Yeah! (Laughs) I like old school cats.

There's nothing wrong with that. Here's a theoretical question: So a nerdy blogger wants to ask you out on a date or impress you - what's the best way into your heart?

Make me laugh.

Yeah, that's number one?

Yeah, that's all you need to do, actually.

A lot of people will be happy to read that, I think. You've got roles in The Baytown Outlaws and Broken City as well, what other movies can we expect in the coming months?

I have a couple of projects that I'm looking at right now, and I have a TV offer that we're looking at. Nothing is for sure yet.

What's your role in Broken City?

I play Mark Wahlberg's seven-year girlfriend. An aspiring actress, it was a really cool role, I have some really intense scenes with Mark.

Who do you think would win in a fight, Mark Wahlberg or Michael Pena?

Oh, come on! I love Michael, but I think Mark. Mark can hurt you with a look.

That's awesome. Thank you so much for your time!

Thank you!

Source: MovieHotties

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12:14PM on 01/19/2013

My God....

Thank you lord.

She's gorgeous.
Thank you lord.

She's gorgeous.
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12:12PM on 01/18/2013
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8:47AM on 01/18/2013
Awesome interview. Natalie is lovely.
Awesome interview. Natalie is lovely.
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6:29AM on 01/18/2013
In love with her since Death Race. Also, Ms. Martinez is especially ravishing in the latest season of CSI: New York.
In love with her since Death Race. Also, Ms. Martinez is especially ravishing in the latest season of CSI: New York.
Your Reply:

4:10PM on 01/18/2013
Is it wrong of me to have my internal music player play that song that came up every time she enters the scene in Death Race?
Is it wrong of me to have my internal music player play that song that came up every time she enters the scene in Death Race?
8:32PM on 01/18/2013
Nope. Not wrong at all.
Nope. Not wrong at all.

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