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The Hotties line up for the 2012 MTV Europe Music Awards

Nov. 12, 2012by: Cherry Liquor

If you're going to hold the 2012 MTV Europe Music Awards in Frankfurt, it's a smart idea to get Heidi Klum to be the host. Not that that's going to compel me to watch the program. If there's any of you who did and want to weigh in on the happenings that went down, please do so. I spent my Sunday being a lazy slob and decided that my time was better spent going to see an afternoon showing of SEVEN PSYCHOPATHS at my local art house cinema. If I could give away the Cherry Liquor award for best movie of the year, I'd give it to that. Granted, I haven't seen everything and I know there are about 6 years left in this year to allow the studios to wow me, but I highly doubt that's going to happen. Just like I highly doubt that Alicia Keys could look any hotter than she did in that green dress she wore. Talk about a woman on fire. Damn. Heidi busted out a lot of bust on the red carpet as well but it's clear that for the promo pic she needed a lot of photoshopping and the people who took care of the Chelsea Handler promo pic from the time she hosted were brought in for the job. Gotta love Heidi, but woman... put on some SPF the next time you hit the yacht topless, OK?

Pictured are: Alicia Keys, Carly Rae Jepsen, Heidi Klum, Isabeli Fontana, Kim Kardashian, Lana del Rey, Lana Meyer-Landrut, Taylor Swift

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Source: Daily Mail


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