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The Kendall Jenner ass show distracts from the music at Coachella

Apr. 21, 2014by: Droz

Kendall Jenner and her hot ass are the perfect representative for the modern Coachella - just a bunch of bored rich kids who play hippie in the sand and the sun for a few days and pretend they're there for the music. Things have certainly changed from back in 2002 when I was there last. Granted the format hasn't changed much, which is major headliner bands mixed with various tiers of lesser known and unsigned bands. They had plenty of name brand booze on hand back then, but no craft beer pavilions or a whole circus of corporate sponsored side events. Tons of hot women walking around in tiny clothing in Coachella events of old, but few of them famous. I don't want to sound too hipsterish there. Obviously the word has spread in the last decade or so and they've seen the dollar signs flashing in their eyes. So now interspersed amidst the hippies and inebriated people who come to listen to music and sleep together in tents, you can spot the occasional hottie and her bodyguard entourage who watches a few headliners and then retires to her climate controlled suite at the Palm Springs resort. Eh, whatever. As long as they've got an abundance of asses like Kendall's walking around, it will still be worth your time.

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