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The lovely ladies of The Dark Knight Rises shine on the black carpet

Jul. 17, 2012by: Cherry Liquor
Remember a couple of years back when people were predicting where Christopher Nolan was going to go with the Dark Knight franchise and there were some fan art pieces circulating of Marion Cotillard as Catwoman? Obviously, this isn't the direction that Nolan went in, but they were always a couple of my favorite pieces of fan art (I've included the two I like best at the bottom of this post). Cotillard is in the movie but we're all perfectly aware that Anne Hathaway stepped into the famous catsuit and is smiling as wide as she can to distract us from the f*cking horrible haircut she ended up with for her role as Fantine in the latest version of LES MISERABLES. Luckily my girl Juno Temple showed up to the shindig as well. Don't see nearly as much of her as we should, I tell you what. Although I would have preferred her as a Nolan delivered Harley Quinn rather than sidekick Holly Robinson (no, not the black chick from the original 21 JUMPSTREET.)

Click on each photo to enlarge!

Source: NY Daily News


Drool Back
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11:30AM on 07/17/2012
I love me some Marion Cotillard :)
I love me some Marion Cotillard :)
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