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The Nuts girls bring the boobs to a winter wonderland

2 years agoby: Droz

Surely the Nuts girls have a long line of folks eager to toss a couple snowballs their way, hoping they'll answer back with their own twin globes onslaught. That's a wintery battle I think we could all get into. It's been a great year of Nuts girls action. I wont say that we're necessarily done with featuring any of their legendary layouts for 2013 just yet, as new spreads come out every week. I'm all for the wintery setting. Plenty of innuendo opportunities there, however I'm curious to see how they choose to handle a New Year's theme. Personally, I'm looking forward to exploding bottles of champagne pouring over massive tits like those belonging to Lucy Pinder, Holly Peers, Joey Fisher and Rosie Jones. Throw a little confetti in there, some streamers, maybe some funny hats. Only they'll have to skip the fancy stemware and slurp up the new year's booze from the pools collected between each others' huge tits. What better way to celebrate than English hotties sucking on one another? Ring in 2014 right, people.

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Drool Back
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7:07PM on 12/26/2013
I love those hot British models. Lucy and Holly are two of my absolute favorites.
I love those hot British models. Lucy and Holly are two of my absolute favorites.
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