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The only word that comes to mind to describe Katherine McPhee is adorable

Nov. 8, 2011by: Droz

Occasionally the vile stain on humanity that is American Idol somehow manages to bring forth something of worth to the world. Katherine McPhee was one of those rare accidental good things that show managed to introduce to the world, despite its utter craptastic nature. Katherine did some charity singing events in NYC this weekend, doing so in a most adorable fashion in sparkly and bandage dresses. She's got a lot of beautiful attributes, but I think my favorite of them all are those dimples. I'm a sucker for a dimply smile and hers are two of the sweetest I've seen, which sit well on that beautiful face of hers. Add to that the lovely dark brown hair and that perfect little figure and you've got one irresistible package. Plus she can belt you out a tune now and then. Bonus.

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