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Then I saw Sofia Vergara's see-through shirt, now I'm a believer

2 years agoby: ResidentRiddle64

Maybe it's the fact that I don't have cable, but, Dear God, there's a horrific amount of television that I'm missing out on, MODERN FAMILY being one of them. I've seen a few episodes and it's funny enough for me to keep watching, but shoot, if I just had a dang teeevee or enough money fer a Netflix account, I could watch me one of 'dem Modern Familys. I don't know why I started talking like that, excuse me. Anyway, the hilarity and characters aside, I think the biggest thing that saddens me about my lack of catching the show is that I'm missing out on all the Sofia Vergara hotness. All my enjoyment of this woman and her lovely assets comes from this website alone and that's a damn shame. Sure, I could catch her in about twenty minutes or so of MACHETE KILLS, but with 1,542 minutes I could be catching of her on the show, it just seems so small. This is truly THE great American tragedy, everyone. At the very least, I have these wonderful pictures to have and share, so there's that. Take a peek and enjoy, everyone. 

Click on each photo to enlarge!

Extra Tidbit: Is she just as hot on the show as she is in these pictures?
Source: Hollywood Tuna WENN


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9:27PM on 10/09/2013
Just the right amount of see-through, too.
Just the right amount of see-through, too.
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