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There's more of Kate Hudson's bikinied ass to go around

Aug. 6, 2012by: Salacious Crumb

Bless me, schmoes, for I have sinned. Last week, I watched the love-triangle romcom SOMETHING BORROWED. I'm sure only a small slice of this site's readers have any clue that it even exists, but it does, and I beg of you to run as far away from it as possible if you see it sitting in a DVD shop. The one credit I did give the film is that Kate Hudson plays a total bitch in it, and does a great job! Who'd have figured? Since that movie stunk up the theaters, Kate hasn't been doing much lately, so she's probably not too concerned about her lovely bikinied buttocks catapulting her back to Gossip County. Speaking of roles that fit Hudson quite well, she's finished a movie called THE RELUCTANT FUNDAMENTALIST due out next year. I'm still hoping production will start soon on THE ARROGANT WHORE. Sure, underneath Beckinsale, Upton, and Middelton, she's only the 4th hottest celeb named Kate, but she's still a runner-up hottie. And let's not lie to ourselves, Hudson's nice to look at when she's fresh out of the pool.

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1:00PM on 08/08/2012
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11:21AM on 08/07/2012
I'd put Kate Winslet over her too.
I'd put Kate Winslet over her too.
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