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These black & whites of Kate Upton may not be much, but they're better than that Mercedes commercial

Jan. 29, 2013by: Salacious Crumb

If there's one article of clothing I'll never be able to figure out why is so popular with the ladies, it's shoes. Some women seem just awestruck by high heels, despite the expense and discomfort that comes with them. I've never turned to a buddy of mine and said "Hot damn, did you see the girl's shoes?", but I especially can't imagine anyone using that statement in regards to Kate Upton. I don't care if shoes were made of live squirrels, and then set on fire, it still wouldn't divert my attention away from Kate's upper-body. So why did Sam Edelman decide to make Kate the face of their Women's Footwear Summer 2013 Campaign? Not to mention we haven't gotten through Winter just yet. The answer is obvious, though. Kate's hot and people need shoes, ipso facto, this will likely make them some money. Even if their using a style of advertising that could best be described as "shoe noir". This is still better than that pointless Mercedes Benz commercial, right? Does anyone care? Look, boobies!...

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7:49PM on 01/29/2013
Hot blonde. Really hot.
Hot blonde. Really hot.
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