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This is so unlike you Leilani Dowding

Aug. 23, 2013by: Droz

Wait a minute, Leilani Dowding has a chance to show off her tits and instead goes with the hand bra? Is this the bizarro universe? How did I slip into this strange new dimension and not notice it? Somehow they managed to get her to hold it back a little for her beach photoshoot yesterday. I wonder if they have to pay her more to get her to NOT slip completely out of clothes the minute a guy with a camera shows up? I kid Leilani, but she really is at her best when she's left alone to be true to her get naked instincts. That can be said of most any woman actually, but Leilani actually delivers where most others probably wouldn't. If only we could somehow transplant her exhibitionist spirit into some of the other supremely desired hotties around here. Imagine if it was Jessica Biel or Katy Perry or whoever your favorite hottie is running around Hollywood in next to nothing, barely holding back the temptation to just take it all off right there in the street. Damn, someone needs to get to work on making something like that happen.

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Drool Back
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8:19PM on 08/23/2013
Such a sexy body.
Such a sexy body.
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