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This new Christina Hendricks movie looks promising

Jan. 3, 2014by: Droz

I hadn't heard anything about this upcoming movie GOD'S POCKET before someone very strategically slipped a shot of Christina Hendricks hanging out in some sort of lace number with the great cleavage. Now I'm instantly fascinated. From what I can gather, the film explores a situation where a guy's stepson is somehow accidentally killed and he gets in some hot water when he tries to cover it up. Sure, okay. I really can't comment about the quality of the film at this point, as online resources are scarce. However, the quality of Christina's boobs, at least as far as the content of this promo pic go, look to be quite good. I'm down for this.

Anyway, I know a couple promo pics are insufficient for a Christina Hendricks post, so here's a clip from a movie she made a couple years back called THE FAMILY TREE. I don't recall this one, however it does have quite a nice elevator scene involving Christina. For the first time in my life, I'm completely down with Dermot Mulroney.

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Source: Superior Pics

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7:21PM on 01/03/2014
I volunteer to get lost alongside smacaskill.
I volunteer to get lost alongside smacaskill.
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4:30PM on 01/03/2014
I could get lost in that cleavage for days.
I could get lost in that cleavage for days.
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