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TIFF Coverage - #5

Sep. 12, 2007by: Seth Gecko

header_premieres.gifHey everybody and welcome to part #5 of our exclusive coverage for the Toronto International Film Festival. It's been pretty wicked these past few days as the photos and hotties just continue to roll in. We've got a big day full of updates for all of you so let's get rolling.

To start off, we've received my favourite photos from the festival so far for Jason Reitman's "Juno" which stars the beautiful Ellen Page and Jennifer Garner. In the film, Ellen plays a young teen who ends up getting pregnant by a jock (Michael Cera from "Superbad") and wants to give the baby up for adoption after birth. Jennifer Garner plays the mother who will be adopting the child along with Jason Bateman who plays her husband. Early word is that the film is doing wonders at the festival and could be a big hit for the year.

Let's move on then to the exclusive photos that we've received of the two gorgeous actresses at the press conference and premiere of the film. Ellen is one of my biggest crushes and Jennifer just can't stop being gorgeous. So have a good look at all the photos below and enjoy. Stay tuned for Part #6 of our coverage!

"Juno" - Conference & Premiere

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