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TIFF Coverage - #8

Sep. 14, 2007by: Seth Gecko

header_premieres.gifI have to admit that this year's Toronto International Film Festival has been one of the best in years in terms of star power and coverage. I shit you not everyone when I say that we've found and received hundreds and hundreds of new photos for this one festival alone.

With that in mind, let's get to probably my favourite post so-far and that's for the new revenge thriller called "Reservation Road" starring Jennifer Connelly, Mira Sorvino and a very talented supporting cast such as Mark Ruffalo, Joaquin Phoenix, etc. This film has received very mixed reviews since it's screening and that can either be good or bad for a film. Some have said that it's just a tear-jerking flick while others felt it to be a pure revenge thriller. Either way, the story sounds very intriguing so I'll hopefully see it when it comes out.

More importantly right now though is that we've received a ton of photos of Jennifer Connelly and Mira Sorvino looking so beautiful on the red carpet. Both of them have never looked better so have a good look at the photos and enjoy. In case you're wondering, the guy with Mira is her Dad who we all know as Paul Sorvino (mob boss legend in movies such as "Goodfellas"). Stay tuned for Part #9 of our coverage!

"Reservation Road" - Premiere

Click on each photo to enlarge!

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