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TIFF: Keira Knightley seduces us for A DANGEROUS METHOD premiere

Sep. 15, 2011by: Seth Gecko

Less than an hour from where I currently sit, one of the biggest film festivals of the year is taking place in the lovely city of Toronto as the 36th Annual Toronto International Film Festival has commenced and I unfortunately can't make it there cause jobs suck and always get in the way of everything. Ugh! That's okay though cause the media on-site are doing a fine job of covering every last inch of it and I'll as of now be adding myself to that list as I bring you all some extensive coverage of the festival over the next little while. I'll be flooding you all with photos (lots of sexy ladies) and videos from the red carpet, parties and screenings themselves as they arrive so be sure to check back as often as you can for the latest updates cause there's gonna be plenty to go around. Enjoy!

The photos below are in the following order: Keira Knightley, Viggo Mortensen and David Cronenberg

Click on each photo to enlarge!

Extra Tidbit: Apparently Keira has quite a few topless scenes in the film. Thank you Keira!

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9:42PM on 09/15/2011
So damn cute.
So damn cute.
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3:41PM on 09/15/2011
OH MY , that IS wonderful news . She looks splendid , as usual .
OH MY , that IS wonderful news . She looks splendid , as usual .
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