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Tina Strikes A Pose

Oct. 24, 2008by: Seth Gecko

I think it's safe to assume that for the past month or so, the empire of television broadcasting in North America was taken over by one woman, Tina Fey. From the moment that vice-president hopeful Sarah Palin first made a mockery of herself all those weeks ago, Tina has been right there to solidify how much of an airhead Palin truly is. At the same time, Tina has generated an entirely new realm of sexy political fantasies that the world will not soon forget as well as giving Saturday Night Live the best ratings its had in 14 years.

Which brings me to today's wonderful news that we definitely had to post on here for all our fellow gents (and interested ladies). Yesterday, a video was posted on the official SNL website which has Tina playing Sarah once again and this time, she is joined by Will Ferrell as the Bushinator and Darrell Hammond as John McCain. Without spoiling what's in the video, let me just say that Tina does exactly what I stated in the title of this post which makes this the hottest skit that she's done yet. Enjoy the video below!

Extra Tidbit: Who else here other than myself would give anything to lay one kiss on those thighs?
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