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Tom Cruise looks happy to work with Emily Blunt who might not feel similarly

Feb. 4, 2013by: Cherry Liquor
Tom Cruise is an established actor who gets movies made. That's a pretty plain and simple fact about a man who once jumped up and down on Oprah's couch. People go to see Cruise's movies and it doesn't appear as if that is going to change any time soon. So when you're an actor looking for a big project to attach yourself to that doesn't make you feel as if you're completely selling out, you jump into the bat-shit crazy Scientology boat. People all get the drift that Cruise isn't the *best* actor and that he's far from being the least jazzy crayon in the box. However, it still makes me feel a tad sorry for Emily Blunt who I am guessing is either cold, or tired or annoyed or being serious about her role. She seems aware that there are photographers taking pictures of her and Cruise on the set of ALL YOU NEED IS KILL. Blunt is a structured, classy actress who can do funny, sympathetic, bitchy, and realistically emotional. But if you follow the Bruce Willis line of thinking (or Nic Cage when he wasn't such a laughing stock), you do one or two blockbusters to afford you the opportunity to do teeny indie movies you can have more professional pride in. After reading the synopsis on this movie, it frightens me a bit that it appears to be similar in structure to OBLIVION, which is Cruise's 2013 sci-fi offering.

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Source: Just Jared

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9:23AM on 02/04/2013
Love her.
Love her.
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