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Trinity's daughter, Vanessa Marano, grew up rather nicely

3 years agoby: Cherry Liquor
Almost seems fitting that Vanessa Marano, this brunette cutie who played Trinity's daughter on "Dexter," would have a birthday on Halloween. Vanessa, best known right now from her bigger role on the Family Channel's "Switched at Birth," was the acknowledged daughter of John Lithgow's infamous character from the serial killer show while the actress' younger sister, Laura Marano, had appeared on the first season of the show as a flashback younger version of Dex's sister Deb. Vanessa was one of the many who showed up for the Life Rolls On Foundation's "Night by the Ocean" event, honoring surfers Kelly Slater and Rob Machado. The foundation was started by the late Christopher Reeve and his late wife Dana (gosh, that's one Hollywood family story that just breaks my heart) to help acquire attention and funds for those who need more quality of life as they live with paralysis. Is it wrong that I keep staring at Marano's legs? Or was the short dress showing them off her way of drawing attention to the charity at hand?

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Extra Tidbit: Not to mention, she's got a rockin' ass as well.
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7:38AM on 11/14/2012
Really cute. Love her hair and legs. Beautiful smile too.
Really cute. Love her hair and legs. Beautiful smile too.
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