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Twilight hottie Nikki Reed is one to Swatch

Oct. 8, 2010by: Cherry Liquor
Hearing that Swatch watches are the shiznit again makes me feel old. More accurately, it makes me feel like a grumpy old bitch who wonders where the cheap plastic watches from the 1980's went since the last time I checked out Swatch watches in the current age, they were expensive pieces of jewelry that I wouldn't drop the coin on since I, like so many others, use my overpriced cell phone to tell me what time it is. Nikki Reed has nothing to do with setting off my grumpiness. While I'm not always in love with that butt of a chin she has, there's something very dirty/sexy about this chick which screams that she's a hellcat in bed and otherwise. I can get behind a chick like that. Hell, I think a lot of you could get behind a chick like that.

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Source: Just Jared Jr
Tags: Nikki Reed

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11:51AM on 10/08/2010
Quite cute.
Quite cute.
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2:59AM on 10/08/2010
Dayum Nikki, lookin' good.
Dayum Nikki, lookin' good.
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