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5 years agoby: Randy the Ram

Warning typical TWILIGHT disclaimer ahead: We shouldn't dis the whole TWILIGHT phenomenon just because we don't like the hype it has created, just because we don't get the obsession for it. Sure, I have seen the movies and frankly they both suck... hard... twihard! Then they managed to stain the image of vampires and their lore but on the other hand they've opened the way to way cooler vampire movies and TV shows. So are we hatin' for just hatin' sakes? The least of it, it's not the fault of the actors associated with the movie, there's not really a reason to bash them. Take Ashley Greenee for example, many of you would love to have TWILIGHT end so she can be associated with something else, well, TWILIGHT or not, she will still be Ashley Greene, the most recent it girl, and she's what she is now thanks to the sappy movies. If some of you are closeted Kristen Stewart fans you can always say you loved her sin ZATHURA.

Anyway the girls and Robert Muppetson were present at the ECLIPSE-Con (yes, a convention dedicated to ONLY the 3rd part in the series) in LA where they got to answer what I bet is a bunch of very interesting questions like "is your chest really that sparkly?", good times.

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11:58PM on 06/14/2010

Oh Ashley

May you be the best.
May you be the best.
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