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Two different dresses, two different venues, same Irina Shayk hotness

04.18.2013by: Droz

Irina Shayk strutted her lovely self around two different events in the last few days, wearing two equally hot outfits that did the same job of demonstrating how astoundingly hot she is. Quite appropriate that she show up to the Beautiful People PR event, a not at all arrogantly named event by the way. It's kind of funny to see how the models and whatnot will do the same poses over and over. We see the 3/4 neck turn with butt out here, as well as the quarter waist turn with the butt out. There's also a little right hip lean, some left hip lean, hip lean with arm rested, the list goes on. I wonder if they have a mental checklist that they arrange ahead of time, detailing which poses they'll do that night based on the dress and the occasion or whatever. Do they practice in the mirror before hand, working out which poses will work best with their dress that night? Going out must be a nightmare for their boyfriends. Most girls I've known would make me wait around an hour while they primp for a quick jot down to the corner store for eggs and milk. I can only guess at how much waiting is involved prior to a night out with Irina. You probably have to bring along some movies and books to read. Though I suppose the reward is that once the monotony is over, you get Irina. Fair trade, I think.

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