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Uhura Hits Paris

Apr. 15, 2009by: Seth Gecko
Goddamn! If there's one happy older woman in the world, it has to be Nichelle Nichols when she found out that a smokin' hot actress would be playing her as a young communications officer in the upcoming "Star Trek" reboot. The character of Uhura has influenced generations of women all around the world to become what they want to be the most in life. Actresses such as Whoopi Goldberg were inspired by Nichelle and that's the reason she became an actress (her frequent appearances on "Star Trek: TNG" should be a clue to that fact). Either way, filling Uhura's heels in the franchise reboot is a big job and it seems that the beautiful Zoe Saldana was up to the task.

If you're unaware of what she looks like without the wireless communicator in her ear or the super-tight Starfleet uniform, feast your eyes on the photos below so you can understand how sexy she truly is. The photos below are courtesy of and they feature Zoe in Paris yesterday for the Paris photo call of "Star Trek". So enjoy the photos below and watch out for me at the front of the movie line-up on May 8th at midnight.

Click on each photo to enlarge!

Extra Tidbit: Does she look like a young Jada Pinkett-Smith or what?
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10:54PM on 04/15/2009
She is smoking.
She is smoking.
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7:27PM on 04/15/2009
Hot and Underrated for now. She'll explode once Star Trek releases.
Hot and Underrated for now. She'll explode once Star Trek releases.
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