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Uma's Safe Too

05.03.2008by: Cherry Liquor

What is this, stalker week? Last October, a man name Jack Jordan was arrested for stalking Thurman and indicted on charges that he meant to do her harm. He'd been following the actress around for several years including trying to break into her trailer on a Manhattan set in November of 2005.

Uma took the stand yesterday to testify about the circumstances surrounding the case. "The fact that he had my parents' home number and had arrived at the set and come back when he was told to leave started to paint a picture much worse than some isolated moment," was one of the statements she made in court.

Jordan, 37, is a former psychiatric patient who defended himself by admitting that he "imagined incorrectly a relationship with Miss Thurman." He even went further on the bat-shit crazy train by following up with, ""It seems almost as if Uma was courting me. We were engaged in a game of cat and mouse." WTF? I really have to show this to my co-worker who believes that if you accept Jesus that there is no such thing as mental illness. Then tell her I'm sorry I call her crazy behind her back and promise to only do it in the front from now on.

Extra Tidbit: Everyone talks about Uma's marriage and child spawning with Ethan Hawke (and subsequent divorce), but most have forgotten that she was married once before - from 1990-1992 to actor Gary Oldman.
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