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'Underworld 3" Soon?

Oct. 24, 2007by: Seth Gecko

Can it be true? Is it possible that Kate Beckinsale could once again be slipping on the super-tight PVC outfit that transformed her into one of the greatest sex symbols of all-time? Mark your calendars ladies and gents because it looks like it's actually going to happen and very soon in fact. According to the officials at who handle production schedules and oversee crew sites in New Zealand, "Underworld 3" has a filming period booked from January 2008 - March 2008 and will be shot in Auckland.

This is an absolute surprise to me since there has been absolutely no mention of a third "Underworld" movie at all or who is involved. It's actually not surprising though because most of you might remember that "Underworld" director, Len Wiseman, dropped out of doing the "Escape From New York" remake for no apparent reason and was replaced by Brett Ratner. It could very well be that Len is eying to complete his horror/action trilogy instead.

Either way, I'm really excited now because I love both "Underworld" movies because of both Kate and the fact that they were great stories with terrific action. We'll keep you all posted if we hear anything else so until then, keep your fingers crossed. To read the rest of the article on other productions scheduled including Wolverine and Avatar, head to this link.

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