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UnLIVable Marriage

05.08.2008by: Cherry Liquor

Whelp, it's over folks. No, not Mariah and Nick. They're good for at least a few more weeks. Nope, instead of the predictable, it looks like the marriage of Liv Tyler to musician Royston Langdon is coming to a halt. According to People Magazine, the separation was a mutual decision for the pair.

Liv was recently seen at the New York Costume Institute Gala looking gorgeous and ready to prep for the release of next month's THE INCREDIBLE HULK. She was in the prerequisite hot gown but sans wedding ring. Which should have been official enough of an announcement, but the reps did once and for all put to rest the rumours and let the word out that it's true.

The couple were married in 2003, lasting a whopping 5 years (about 50 in real life to Hollywood years) and produced a son, Milo, in 2004. Is it wrong of me to be a little happy about this news? The majority of the readers here have been proclaiming her the hottie to be in the upcoming summer blockbusters and Langston was a good 5 inches shorter than her (or at least looked it in pictures). Something about short men with tall model/actresses... seems so out of proportion. And you never want your wife to look bigger than you, right?
Extra Tidbit: Tyler is dyslexic, which might account for falling for a guy shorter rather than taller than her.
Source: People Magazine
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