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Vanessa Hudgens demonstrates the proper way to wear baggy things

3 years agoby: Droz

And what is the proper way? Simple - whichever area of the body is covered with baggy clothes, must be offset by a scantily clad opposite area. So if you're wearing baggy pants, nothing but a bikini top upstairs. Or, like Vanessa Hudgens did, baggy sweater, contrasted against super short cutoffs downstairs. Call me crazy, but I actually prefer this style, because it's the only time I can actually call myself a leg man. Normally legs don't really register with me all that much. Sure, I can differentiate the good from the bad and appreciate fine form, but I'm normally not all nuts when I see a fine pair of gams - that is, unless they're the only things on display. Then I'm all about the legs. Not sure why that is, but when I see a woman walking around like this, I want to go crazy. That goes double for Vanessa, who has the prettiest legs out there in my opinion. They're not tent poles, nor are they cellulite city. Just a happy little medium. And when they're properly framed between a baggy sweater and a pair of Uggs, I don't know, I can't stop the saliva flow. Something about that is just speaking my language.

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Drool Back
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8:55AM on 11/01/2012
Always sexy
Always sexy
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