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Vanessa Hudgens is more attractive in casual clothing

Jun. 28, 2012by: Salacious Crumb

I try my best not to report on any celebrities who are clearly trying to avoid cameras in public places. The great thing about Vanessa Hudgens is that I rarely ever see her covering her pretty face, pulling a hoodie over her whole head, or running away full-speed from the cameras. In fact, in this scenario she's just casually walking down the street in Hollywood sticking her sexy tongue out at us. That's her big middle finger to the paparazzi. She doesn't say "leave me alone" or "get a real job", she just says "bite me". I would be glad to bite you, Vanessa. I've wanted to ever since you ate that hotdog the day after your cellphone nudies got leaked. You've also gotta love that the arrow on the "ENTER" sign is pointing right at her. Coincidence? Probably. Still, I would enter her over and over until the purple streaks came out of her hair, and then some more until they came back.

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Source: JustJared

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