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Victoria Beckham still looked quite Posh at the Olympics

Aug. 15, 2012by: Cherry Liquor
I might be a bit of an anglophile and love a man with an accent but I'm a bad, bad American at the same time. This meaning that I didn't watch a single second of the 2012 Summer Olympics while they were being broadcast from London. I explain my reasons by declaring that ribbons are not athletic and I'm not a 9-year old girl or and 65+ year old man. I. Don't. Give. A. Crap. About. The. Olympics. It's not my demo. Then again, what should have been my demo back when they emerged on pop music scene was The Spice Girls. The most action I get from those birds is laughing that they're still trying to sell their action figures at the Dollar Tree down the street from me (two for a buck and no one's interested) and hating on Victoria Beckham for getting to have sex with David Beckham. Then again, I'd only f*ck him if he didn't speak, so there goes my proclamation about the accents. (Seriously, have you ever heard a grown man who sounded more like a little girl than he does?) Victoria was busy riding on a taxi of some sort while she reunited with the other 4 chicks from that "band" who aren't married to David Beckham. She looks purty good for a skinny chick who's popped out 4 kids. And she refuses to allow the British news to perpetrate rumours that the Spice Gs are doing a reunion tour, so that's breaking the hearts of.... a handful of diehards.

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