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Wait... when did Kristen Bell end up pregnant?

Nov. 22, 2012by: Cherry Liquor
Normally I would have caught onto this the very second that the news was released, being that my buddy Thom is such a huge fan of Kristen Bell and all the petite goodness that she brings to her determined little blonde visage in various spunky roles. But I dropped the ball while Dax Shepard was dropping some swimmers into KBell's system because it seems that the two actors are now awaiting a mini-person. Kristen has been fairly low-key regarding the impending motherhood gig, only stopping to thank her followers on Twitter who had been sending her well wishes by referring to it as her "breeding." The other think that I must say I admire is that the couple, while having been engaged for a number of years now, are still going to put off the legal paperwork stating that they're bound to one another through thick, thin, and income until their current home state of California fully recognizes the legality of same-sex marriage. Good for them on all accounts. And you're welcome for some positive Thanksgiving news.

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Extra Tidbit: Look! She was ready to drop out a little person 3 years ago! She's going to be the most prepared mother ever!
Source: LA Times
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