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04.11.2008by: Cherry Liquor

Oh... My... Lawsuit. Apparently there's an adult toy company who is just begging to take it in one of their three holes with the introduction of a set of blow-up sex dolls resembling some famous actresses, singers and celebutards. Ranging from Sarah Jessica Parker to Eva Longoria to an "Xtina" looking Christina Aguilera, the dolls have not yet made it to the company's website (yeah, I checked) but have apparently been constructed and are ready to go out on the market any day now.

Considering that SJP was just named the least sexy or least bone-able or whatever title the guys over at Maxim Magazine like to degrade women with (so what if you don't like her face... to try and deny that she hasn't got a rockin' bod is a blind, idiotic oversight), I was a little surprised by that selection. The Jessica Simpson one, however? Not so much. She's practically a blow-up doll in real life.

I don't imagine that these will be making it to the XXX shop shelves anytime soon once the bevy of beauties rounds up their bevy of lawyers. While the women on the covers of the boxes are clearly adult models who look similar to the actresses, it's a close enough match to get thrown out of the game. So if you see one, buy it fast. I know I will. I love me some collector's items.

Source: FunDumper



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