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"Wanted" Superbowl Spot!

7 years agoby: Seth Gecko

Well gents, it looks like Universal has decided to get their sneak previews posted nice and early before the Superbowl and we thank them dearly for that. The reason we thank them is for the brand-new Superbowl TV spot of the new action/sci-fi flick, "Wanted" which hits theatres on June 27, 2008. To be more precise however, we thank them for the orgasmic new shots and footage of my goddess, Angelina Jolie.

In the TV spot, we see some new action footage which makes me want to see the movie even more and my ticket is officially bought at this point. What Universal also did with this preview is they threw a lot of Angelina in which is very wise if you ask me. Her legendary hotness alone would fill theatre seats and I know this cause it worked on me. Anyway, the TV spot is terrific and Angelina looks hotter than ever. The first photo below is the one that sold me cause that sensual look in her eyes plus her steaming wet body and tattoos is just unbelievable.

So do yourselves a huge favour and check out the preview by clicking here and for your further viewing pleasure, I've made some nice screencaps for everybody which is my usual tradition. Enjoy!

Source: Yahoo! Movies!


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