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We all love her butt, but it's good to appreciate Maria Menounos' front side as well

Aug. 29, 2013by: Droz

Butt shots from Maria Menounos's TV show or beach bikini shots are widespread around here and we all know how great those are. However I think the reverse angle deserves just as much love. She really does have a pleasant face, even when she's forcing a smile to create the illusion of excitement over gigantic breakfast shake promos. You'd think such a perky, visually pleasing person would get called upon to do more high profile stuff besides D-list gossip shows and breakfast food gimmicks. Being the rabid sports fan that she is, I can't believe someone hasn't hired her to do some sideline reporting yet. That's a field often dominated by hot, female sports reporters - a group Maria would fit right in with. There might be a little problem with keeping all those horny players away from her plush ass, but I'm sure she's used to that by now.

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Source: Superior Pics


Drool Back
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8:58AM on 08/30/2013
She's the whole package.
She's the whole package.
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5:36PM on 08/29/2013

There's a front to her butt?

Like a Front-butt?
Like a Front-butt?
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