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We're onto the two things you're best known for, Bree Olson

2 years agoby: Cherry Liquor
Is now a good time to ask you how you really feel about porn actresses becoming more mainstream? Sure, Jenna Jameson did it first and did it well, getting roles in movies such as PRIVATE PARTS, a movie targeting the sexplotative nature of the Howard Stern rise to fame. But how do you feel about Bree Olson becoming more of a regular fixture amongst things? (Here's about the time that the people who want to talk shit will claim that I'm acting puritanical. It's not puritanical, it's compartmentalized. You know, where you remove your emotions from a topic. Ah, forget it...) I personally have always been a fan of Bree's porn work. She's cute, she's dirty, she makes yum-yum noises as she whistles the skin flutes at work. She excels at being a porn star. After getting notoriety for being Charlie Sheen's most recognizable "goddess," I can't imagine that it would have helped her "straight" career, but then again, we're living in a world where Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian got to be household names because of their "stolen, leaked" sex tapes. Bree hosting the AVN awards last week was a great place for her to be. She's notable in the industry. But can she Sasha Grey herself to a different level?

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Source: Las Vegas Sun


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7:53AM on 01/28/2013

Jenna Jamison didn't do it first...

That honor belongs to Traci Lords.
That honor belongs to Traci Lords.
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