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What are the chances Vanessa Hudgens is completely commando here?

May. 31, 2013by: Droz
It's getting hot out there. 90+ degrees around where I live today. 100+ before the weekend is over. Such weather kind of sucks for those who hate the heat like myself. However, they do set the scene for pics like these of hottie Vanessa Hudgens walking around in tiny dresses, which is one good thing about the heat. It's the best time of year to appreciate the hotties that's for sure. The question I have to ask in this case is whether Vanessa has any clothes at all happening under that little blue dress. Clearly she's sans bra here, which was a nice thing for her to do for all of us. Sans panties I'm not so sure about. There was a frustrating lack of wind to help us out with this dilemma I'm sorry to say, so we may never know the truth. There seems to be a little butt cheek showing in that last pic though. Could be a thong, which is nice. Still, it would be better to think that nothing stood between us and a peek at Vanessa vagina this day but a thin little dress and a lack of air turbulence. Vanessa is an adventurous girl, so I think it's certainly possible she was doing the female equivalent of freeballing, but I fear it must remain inconclusive at this point. Perhaps next time.

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Extra Tidbit: Too bad that incline wasn't just a little larger.
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2:12PM on 06/02/2013
Better than average. Kind of like her.
Better than average. Kind of like her.
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11:02PM on 05/31/2013


Love this chick.
Love this chick.
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