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What would you bet Jessica Biel to do?

Dec. 5, 2011by: Droz

Jessica Biel appeared on the long-running German TV show Wetten, Dass...? (which means Wanna Bet That?) the other night, looking hot in her tight dress. For those unaware, this is a show where people come on and bet that they can do various challenges and whatnot in a given time. It's been a popular show there for decades and has various iterations in other countries as well. Also, if you misread the title, it can also look like it's called "wetted ass" which could or could not be alluring when paired with Jessica, depending on where your sexual proclivities lie. Personally, that makes me think of Jessica's bare ass being doused with a spray bottle full of baby oil. In fact, I think that would be my bet - can I be in the presence of Jessica's ass dripping in baby oil and not spontaneously combust from an overload of sexual energy? Even odds on that one.

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Extra Tidbit: Nice pants there. Is that the lead singer from The Scorpions?
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Drool Back
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11:30PM on 12/05/2011
WOW, she's looking really good
WOW, she's looking really good
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