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When Halloween is on a Wednesday, Hotties take to Twitter over the weekend

3 years agoby: Cherry Liquor

I haven't gotten into posting pictures on Twitter. Hell, I'm not even all that interested in having an Instagram account, even though it seems to be all the rage amongst people these days (I don't do Pinterest either). There are things that I like to do with my time other than spend every waking mmoment checking into endless apps. But when you're a woman who needs to sell herself through her looks and body appeal, the best time to do it is over the weekend right before Halloween, when all eyes are on you. Unless you're the unlucky East Coast bastards who got stuck with the storm these past few days and lost power. Great if you have a cell phone. Not so great when you need to recharge the battery and the power is out in the house. Gotta burn some gas and charge it via cigarette lighter. They should just stop calling that port that. No one uses it to light up anymore. Might as well call it the charger port. Then again, I'm not sure if some of these are costumes meant to be ironic or just regular pictures for some of these gals.

Pictured are: Alexa Vega, Aly & Amanda Michalka, Aubrey O'Day, Candice Swanepoel, Debby Ryan, the cast of hotties from the current Degrassi, Hilary Duff, Lucy Hale, Michele Rodriguez (on the right), Sophie Turner, Teresa Palmer (on the right, although doesn't the woman with her look like Ellen DeGeneres?), Vanessa & Stella Hudgens with Ashley Tisdale, and... Stella & Vanessa Hudgens as sexy vamps.

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9:07AM on 10/30/2012
Thanks for showing some Debby Ryan love and Vanessa is too hot.
Thanks for showing some Debby Ryan love and Vanessa is too hot.
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