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Salma Hayek in dark leather... need I say more?

Sep. 25, 2012by: Salacious Crumb

I think we can all be thankful that the longest touring movie of the summer/fall also happens to star Salma Hayek. If it weren't for her, these endless overseas premieres of SAVAGES would just be outright annoying (or not even known of). You'd think after how close grabby-hands Oliver Stone came to touching Salma's cleavage (a.k.a. Heaven) last week, the last thing she'd think to do is wrap her ass in some tight leather. What is this, "Temptation Island"? Salma made the Roman Empire crumble a second time when she attended the Rome premiere of SAVAGES, wearing a Batman-black leather dress that complimented her asombrosa figure. I am clueless as to where these outfits keep coming from. She's either going shopping in each country she visits or she brought a bottomless Mary Poppins baggie filled with drool-factory dresses to choose from. I wouldn't doubt it if she had some magical powers to do so. She's certainly carrying some magic in that trunk.

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Extra Tidbit: Can you really blame Oliver Stone for trying?
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